This Kayak has Wheels

Problem: Kayak doesn't promote it's car rentals. Solution: Kayak and Formula One are partnering up to promote Kayak's Rental Cars at Monaco Race Tack. CW: Zachary Blumstein AD: Julian Rucker

About Page:
Warning: This is a real race 
On may 29 4 racers will be competing for the opportunity to win the the Monaco race the prestigious race in the formula one circuit. But that's not all, 1 person chosen at random who also choses the winner of the race will be selected to win a luxury race package. This package includes a luxury rental car and a free ticket to the place of their choice. 
To enter you must book a trip to one of the four locations. Be it Brazil, Spain, Australia, or Hawaii. So travelers get your engines ready. Your adventure Begins at the finish line. 
Also, follow Kayak on twitter to get updates from the players themselves. They'll be trash talking as they rev up so you can take the weekend off.  Once the race begins will give you updates on Twitter too.
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