About me

Some People don't know but I have crossed my "I's" and I dot my Ts
I've never actually done that, but without my glasses on my eyes looked crossed. I've seen things differently ever since I was a kid. I'd break into brainstorm sessions and try to start a new business with my friends. We started an apple juice stand because the market was over-saturated with lemonade and we saw a nitch market. We also started a  Phone case company that sold soft cases because those hard phone cases hurt people's hands. But that flopped too, and I broke my first phone. 
I'm one to take the Initiative to push limits  I love things like  high-ropes courses. They were my favorite part of camp cause you could express yourself by pushing yourself and pushing others to accomplishing their goals. This is how I found my passion for advertising. I love ads that bring tears to my eyes and make me take action. For me it's all about pushing people's boundaries. 
No Ego, It's all about the People
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